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Here is my Tutorial How to Make Fireshot Free to Pro for Free! Just follow my instructions and make it pro.

1) Open Firefox and Install Fireshot free version. If you already installed free version then follow step 2.

2) In Firefox address bar write about:config and click “I’ll be careful, I promise!

Firefox About Config

3) Now in search write “fireshot” and press enter

4) Now find fireshot.fsAPINotification and double click to it for make value false

Find again fireshot.isProMode and double click to it for make value true

Find again fireshot.isRegistered and double click to it for make value true

See my Screenshot for details

Fireshot Pro License

5) if you haven’t fireshot.fsAPINotification then please follow the steps:

a) click mouse right button anywhere in about:config . then select New > boolean . see image


      b) now enter preference name: fireshot.fsAPINotification and click ok. 


      c) now select false and press ok. that’s it.


6) Now Restart your firefox. Now see your fireshot icon should be change pink to sky blue. Hurry! Now you are a fireshot permanent pro version user.

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UPDATE (30-04-2014): Currently this tricks not work with newer of firebug. if you want to use pro version of firebug please use firebug older version (maybe: v.0.98.51 or older)

My version of FireFox:



My FireShot Version:


UPDATE (08 August 2014):

Download Fireshot older vesion from here:

Download Firefox older vesion from here:

( Use it in your own Risk )

24 Responses so far.

  1. Mao says:

    Thanks my man. Works!!!

  2. Masud Rana says:

    Thanks It’s Work

  3. Saeid says:

    OOOhhhhhh my god. I can’t believe it. it worked…… love you man. and thank you very much…… you love uuuuu.

  4. Saeid says:

    Hi Alshe;
    I did what you said, and the S color changed to blue after restarting, but it changes to the same red color which it means old and basic version after a couple seconds. it means it doesn’t stay in the Pro … do you have any suggestion . please Email it to me as soon as you can…..


  5. Saeid says:

    Hi Alshe;
    Yes I received them. I will answer there.

  6. sumit_ahmed says:

    i did not find fireshot.fsAPINotification

  7. manoj says:

    hi , i tried all of your given settings but after every restart it again went to free version. please help me out .

  8. some one says:

    Please inform me of your firefox version because I think that it works specific firefox version.

  9. Lucas says:

    It’s a pity, but i can’t find between configuration elements “fireshot.fsAPINotification”. I do everything, the icon shanges its colour from pink to blue, but after the first screenshooting it returnes to pink. May be, it’s because absence of this – “fireshot.fsAPINotification”???

  10. babak says:

    I think its work on the old version of fireshot and in new version the check system of license was changed.
    So if any one have the 0.98.51 please share.

  11. I need to make this full version. Please, share new trick.

  12. cio says:

    thanks for sharing….nice article

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