Want to be popular on facebook? Get more like in your Public status/photo/video? Just follow my tips.

1) Sign-in your facebook account & update a Status/ Post a Photo for Public.
Facebook Status Update

2) Now Open Likelo.com

3) You saw a Link like: Click Here And Allow Permission To xPeria To Get Access Token.


4) Click this link. Now open a new tab like:
Please wait until show: Success. Now Copy the address from browser address bar. See image for more help.


5) Now Back to Likelo.com tab from browser. & paste the link on text box likelo page & click Submit


6) After Press Submit please wait. After few seconds you saw your public posts on this page. You can select

Status |Feed |Photo from Menu. 


After every status End you get a “Submit” button. Press Submit when you want to get Like 🙂 .. So Now press Submit & wait for see magic. Its take 30 sec to 1 minute for got like.


Best of Luck ….

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