Send all visitor old URL to new URL

Sometimes We need to change domain name. Then we change it and forward old domain to new domain. Like:

My OLD Domain name is:

My New Domain is:

Now I move website to and forward to

So who visit he/she will be automatically forwarded to

Now My domain age is 3 years. In this 3 years I post many article, make many pages and any others things… its already shared in social site, many forum, many search engine.. now can I modified it? if some one visit .. what happened? If you forward all domain using .htaccess its automatically forwarded to or not give a error message called 404 not found !

Its a very bad effect for seo or a site. Then What ?

If some one visit: and he/she automatically forwarded to ? I think its a better idea… its not a big deal to do it. we can do it using .htaccess

Here is .htaccess code. just copy paste it in your htaccess file. you must be put this htaccess file in your old domain hosting account.

replace your url with

That’s it 🙂


It’s just my garbage work! Not a Tutorial for you. I don’t know it helps you or not, its only for me. But you are welcome to try to find something that’s you need :) . If you find something, just write it in comments :P

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