Some days ago I make a eCommerce website use WordPress & Templatic eShop Themes for my Clients. My clients use this for many of features. But only 7 Payment getaway without Alertpay & Moneybookers/Skrill. But my clients only use Paypal. But After some days later my client tell me to added Alertpay & Moneybookers/Skrill payment getaway for shop. Then I search Templatic forum or blog.. but there in no modules or plugin for this. After that I made this to modules for eShop themes.


1) No need Skrill/Moneybookers merchant account…

2) No need API/IPN Integration.

3) Credit/Debit or Bank Payment Support via Skrill

4) Just need to put account email

How to use?

First download this modules from here: [download id=”1775″]

Now go to your wordpress eShop themes payment modules directory & upload alertpay & moneybookers modules.

Directory location may here:


Now upload here alertpay & moneybookers modules.

Then go to:


and open “admin_paymethods.php” file.


Copy this code & overwrite in “admin_paymethods.php

Thats all. Now go to Admin Panel & enjoy.

Please do this in your own risk & must be backup your file before do it.


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  1. ravve says:

    Would you like to help me to implement a payment gateway in templatics eshop? It is a new gateway not listed in the theme. I ha e code examples, API description and more but don’t know where/how to do it…
    I offer you ofcourse money for this.
    Plz reply to my email if intrested!
    Thx //ravve

  2. ravve says:

    Hi again. Sorry didnt see your Reply until now…
    Please send me an email and we’ll discuss further from there..
    Appreciate your help man! 🙂
    Br //ravve

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